Ethica Global Investments acquires the majority share of Manifattura Sesia

Ethica Global Investments acquires the majority share of Manifattura Sesia, accelerating the creation of a center of excellence for fine Italian yarns

Milan, June 16TH 2022 – The majority share of Manifattura Sesia, Italian leader in the transformation of noble natural fibers into high end classic and fancy yarns, has been acquired by Ethica Global Investments, an investment company promoted by Ethica Group. The founding families, Baccalaro and Serra, will ensure continuity by taking an active role as shareholders and managers of the company; in particular, Eugenio Parravicini, will maintain the role of CEO and Chiara Serra will continue as the Creative Director of the brand.

The acquisition of Manifattura Sesia, which reached revenues of over € 18 million in 2021, builds on the acquisition of Lanificio dell’Olivo in 2020 to create a center of excellence for high end Italian yarns. The companies both have a prestigious positioning in the world of yarn, are complementary in terms of products and geographical coverage, and share common values in terms of sustainability, innovation, quality and service. The aggregate sales of the two companies will likely exceed the € 40 million mark already in the current year, with significant economic performance that, in time, will further benefit from greater economies of scale and scope. The development plan for the group includes the pursuit of the individual companies’ strategies, the creation of synergies and, in the future, further acquisitions to strengthen further the positioning of the group as “Italian Excellence” for high-end quality yarns.

“Manifattura Sesia represents an important step in our strategy of creating a center of excellence for quality Italian yarns: the common values, the complementarity of the products and the geographical coverage, will allow us to create synergies, for example in purchasing, and invest in strategic areas such as sustainability, innovation and service to our customers”– states Vittoria Varianini, President of Lanificio dell’Olivo.

“We are satisfied because the project represents an element of continuity and growth of the company within a very well-structured development plan” – comments Eugenio Parravicini, CEO of Manifattura Sesia. Fabio Campana, CEO of Lanificio dell’Olivo, adds: “Today, together with Manifattura Sesia, we feel much stronger and even more capable of facing the difficult challenges ahead”.

Manifattura Sesia, established in 1963 and headquartered in Fara Novarese, designs and produces creative and exclusive yarns for knitwear and hand-knitting under its own brand, selecting the best natural fibers both in the animal and vegetable world: fine wools, alpacas with natural colors, mohair, silks, linens and cottons. The company’s mission has always been one: to produce the highest quality yarns, 100% Made in Italy, with people, the territory and the environment as a top priority. In the 13,000 square meter facility in Fara Novarese, equipped with state-of-the-art production and logistics facilities, tradition and innovation are coupled with sustainable ethics to give life to the fashion of the future: through the entire supply chain, the most rigorous traceability protocols and ecological standards have been adopted, such as those established by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and by the Chemical Management Protocol of 4sustainabiility. About half of Manifattura Sesia’s customers are abroad, and they include several of the most prestigious brands in fashion where, thanks to the uniqueness of the quality and services offered, Manifattura Sesia has been able to create consolidated relationships.

Lanificio dell’Olivo, established 75 years ago, today is a leader in the production of fancy yarns for the knitwear and knitting industries. The exclusive network of suppliers in the world ensures Lanificio dell’Olivo a supply of raw materials derived exclusively from sources that ensure a high level of quality, in compliance with international standards. Over the years, Lanificio dell’Olivo has developed a very distinctive know-how in worsted spinning of noble fibers such as alpaca, mohair, cashmere, silk, the finest wools, cottons and linen, as well as the twisting of unique, high-performance and precious materials for the creation of fancy yarns in an endless range of colors. With the Going Green program, which incorporates all the most relevant certifications in the sector, Lanificio dell’Olivo has always been a pioneer in the creation of sustainable, products and processes that respect the environment, the health of workers and of consumers. Lanificio dell’Olivo is an international company with two thirds of its sales abroad, in Europe, the United States and the Far East, with some of the most prestigious fashion brands as customers.

Ethica Group, established in 2010, comprises a holding and 3 operating companies, specialized in the implementation of extraordinary finance transactions. The Group’s activities include Debt Advisory, M & A Advisory and direct investment in risk capital of small and medium-sized Italian companies, with a medium-long term perspective. Ethica Group employs teams of professionals with significant track records in their areas of expertise. Since 2010, the Group has completed over 240 transactions in multiple industrial sectors, supporting entrepreneurs, large international groups and Italian and foreign institutional investors.


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Pubblicato 17/06/2022

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