The Future has deep roots

Our company has deep and strong roots into the heart of the textile district in Prato. We are a leader in the creation of fancy yarns for industrial knitwear and hand-knitting, with our own production entirely in Italy.

Since our establishment in 1947, we have never stopped focusing on research and new technologies. Our know-how is built on experience, creativity and innovation, which translate into exclusive high quality products and services rigorously Made in Italy and in competitive advantages for our customers

A modern partner of international fashionbrands

Lanificio dell’Olivo is one of the historical and best known brands in the Italian textile arena. Aware of this great responsibility, we have been able to renew ourselves by leveraging on our greatest assets: people, production capacity, processes, internally developed technologies and commitment to sustainability.

Today, we are a modern company, owned by a first-rate investment fund and managed by experienced management with an international vision of the market. Our young, cohesive and professional team collaborates with customers in a continuous exchange of ideas. For this reason also, we are proud to work alongside the most prestigious international fashion brands.

Fancy yarns, experience and passion

We are experts in the selection and acquisition of the best noble, natural, and innovative fibers, which we enhance through exclusive blends for aesthetics, performance and workability thanks to our in depth knowledge of raw materials and proprietary production solutions.

Our range of production technologies and machinery coupled with our consolidated know-how allow us to produce warm and comfy yarns for the winter as well as fresh and very light ones for the summer, with a large collection of proposals that can be worn all year round and for all occasions.

Global presence and excellent services

The quality of our yarns is valued in Italy and abroad, where we export two thirds of our production: mainly to Europe, the United States and the Far East.

Thanks to our internal Customer Service team, Area Managers and wide network of agents, we guarantee continuous contact with our customers and excellent support on products and supply chain. Punctuality and quality in deliveries and the availability of large quantities of yarns ready for shipment are essential elements of our distinctive value proposition.

Tailor-made offer

Our commitment is to provide the world of fashion with a selection of innovative fancy yarns divided into two collections during the year but always customizable to customer needs. We add value to our products through research on fibers, transformation processes, colors and structures.

We offer superior service and personalized attention to our customers in all phases of promotion, production and delivery. We love to get ahead of fashion trends and drive change through a continuous proposal of fabulous stitches with stunning combinations of colors and effects. We strive to help create a competitive advantage for our customers through the excellence and uniqueness of our fancy yarns and therefore the products they create with them.

Sustainable production

Everything we do is centered around, the concept of value and care, through concrete actions aimed at sustainable development. We incessantly apply the concept of sustainability to the environment, the workorce and consumer health as well as animal welfare, creating products that meet high quality and safety standards, reducing waste and consumption and enhancing reuse and circularity.

We act in a responsible and sustainable manner  by developing our ideas and products while respecting the environment. Our articulated Going Green program is an act of safeguard for social responsibility, chemical risk management, traceability of the entire supply chain and environmental sustainability.


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For more information, our customer service will be happy to help you and answer all your questions about production, customization, delivery.