Stock Service & Sampling Service

Our Stock Service allows you to order a wide range of yarns in different colours, that are always available in our warehouse. Shipping is immediate at any time of the year. Stock Service colours available for immediate delivery are marked with an

With our Sampling Service, we provide customers with yarns in trending colours. These products, available for sampling orders during the launch of the collection, are marked with a

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For years we have been forerunners in the effort to develop truly sustainable fashion and to reduce the environmental impact that our industry has on the planet. A committed and constant focus on the well-being of people, animals and the environment.

Relentless in the search for alternative materials and less impactful manufacturing processes, significant investments in the training of our staff and in the updating of our sites, substantial efforts in obtaining a high number of certifications and certificates of excellence. We are partners in projects with the most active and conscious players along the entire supply chain.

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We have been producing yarns since 1947. Today, we are a leader in the fancy yarn segment and we collaborate with the most prestigious international fashion brands. A modern and innovative company, with a young and professional team and a brand known all over the world.

Competence, creative research, technological development and customer focus are the cornerstones on which we develop our work. Each new collection has its own identity, anticipating trends and translating them into stunning and reliable proposals, always supported by excellent service.

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For more information, our customer service will be happy to help you and answer all your questions about production, customization, delivery.